Serving the People of Wood County, Texas for More Than 100 Years

If you’ve been in business for more than a century, you’re obviously doing something right. Title work can sometimes be complicated, but Don Roberts Title Company’s attention to detail makes it fast and easy for the customer. Our dedicated staff has unmatched experience to handle all types of real estate transactions

The result: A quick closing experience for agents, brokers, and customers, resulting in a clean and clear title.

Wood County’s Most Trusted Title Company

No other title company has the track record or depth we have. Don Roberts Title knows how to get you to your purchase, sale, or transaction with confidence, certainty, and swiftness. And with a Plant archive over a century in the making, we know Wood County better than anyone in the business.

Our reputation is built on three distinct advantages:

The Don Roberts Title team has decades of institutional memory and collaborative experience working with realtors, banks, and various Wood County officials to identify the requirements needed to deliver clear title to your home, business, or property.

Trust and Reliability
We find things that simple automated research can miss. Meticulous attention to detail is the currency of our profession, and our experience and knowledge ensures that all the boxes are checked, tasks are completed, and closing is a success.

Rapid Turnaround
Not only will the work be done right, it will also be completed fast. Time is money, and our strength is in not only delivering a flawless product, but our expertise also enables it to be done quickly.

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