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Don Roberts Title has the responsibility for ensuring that all the documents related to the ownership of a property are in order before real estate transactions are executed. Our company also provides insurance that protects buyers and lenders in the event that legal issues emerge after a real estate transaction reaches its conclusion, and our agent oversees the entire closing process.

Our services are comprehensive and focus on:
  • Document preparation
  • Examining
  • Abstracting
  • Notary service
  • Obtaining payoff information
  • Complete courthouse filings
  • Funding, escrow, and tax duties
  • Closing
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We Eliminate the Mistakes

Don Roberts Title serves as a third party that works on behalf of both the lender and the buyer.

You hire us to research and insure the title of the property, home, or business you’re buying. Why is that important? Suppose you buy a home without hiring a title company. Later, you find out the seller inherited the home when his father died and actually only owns half of the home. The other half of the inherited home belongs to his brother, who turns up on your doorstep wanting his 50 percent of the property.

You can imagine what an unpleasant situation that would be for everyone. The Don Roberts team and the title insurance policy you purchase from them will protect you from any liability and is an important part of the closing process.

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